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Easy and effective water filtration to remove fluoride, arsenic and other contaminants from the water ensuring health in a sustainable way.

Scientific innovation

Own research in collaboration with scientific institutions and universities. Innovation based on nanotechnology.

Easy to use and sustainable

Easy installation, use and maintenance. They work without power. They do not generate waste or polluting chemicals.

Filtering of harmful substances

It removes any concentration of fluoride and other harmful elements present in the water such as arsenic and bacteria.

Easy and safe water

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Our products pass strict quality tests.

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Which water filter to remove fluoride and impurities best fits your lifestyle?

Hindrop, water filtration technology

What the experts say

Hindrop, water filtration technology

Solve your doubts

Hindrop, water filtration technology

The depleted Hindrop medium can be reused as a soil conditioner for your pots. It can also be reused as an absorbent material in pet beds to reduce bad odors and improve the health of our pets, in this way we are collaborating a circular economy cycle.

The duration of the Hindrop filter to purify water will depend on the concentration of Fluorides that your water has. Hindrop is a water filter that removes fluoride and impurities.

Once an order has been placed, we will send you a confirmation code and the transport partner will send you a tracking code as soon as they process your order.

You can use the order tracking code on the website of the transport company and know its status.

The shipping time will depend on the country of destination of the goods. Consult with our team to learn more.

Your city council is obligated to provide you with that information if you require it.

Only changes or returns will be accepted until after 15 days from the date on which the product is received (Aqua Filter Hindrop or Maxi Tower Hindrop). It is essential to present the ticket or the purchase invoice. The customer will be responsible for the return costs.