Main features
  • High capacity for any fluoride concentration without preconditioning the water.
  • Low cost material.
  • For individual and collective uses.
  • The presence of other elements or chemical compounds in the treatable water does not diminish the fluoride removal ability.
  • Efficiency with any pH value, turbidity, alkalinity or water temperature.
  • Non-CO2 emissions, because it does not require electricity.
  • It does not need complementary chemical dosages, eliminating personal and environmental risks.
  • It is a ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technology; it does not lose treatable water as reject water or brine.
  • Its simple operation does not require highly qualified personnel. HINDROP is available to the entire population.
  • No chemical contaminants or residues.
  • Green Chemistry manufacturing, free of potentially contaminating substances.
  • Certified NSF 61 (2020)

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