How do our water filters work?

HINDROP is an adsorbent material based on natural zeolites that are modified with nanotechnology by a procedure that gives the material a high capacity to eliminate fluoride and arsenic ions present in water.

The use of HINDROP ensures that the water has a concentration of fluoride and arsenic lower than the maximum limits recommended by the health authorities

For its use it only requires the arrangement of HINDROP as a bed in a container sized for the initial fluoride concentration and the flow rate to be treated. The contact of the water with the bed causes HINDROP to trap fluoride and arsenic resulting in water suitable for human consumption.

Nuestra tecnología de filtrado no requiere de conocimientos técnicos ni herramientas para funcionar. Tampoco requiere de energía eléctrica por lo que pueden usarse en áreas sin suministro energético.


Assembly, use and maintenance


The assembly is done in a few simple steps. Inside the box you will find the instructions and a link to a video to see it step by step.


Once Aqua Filter Hindrop is installed, add water to the top tank and wait for it to leak to be consumed.


If the filtration process slows down or the ceramic candle or tanks begin to have a yellowish color, clean them with plenty of water and without soap.

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